Snakes of NYC

It's pretty simple. I love being outdoors and I make art about what I see and work with in nature. Raised in suburban Detroit, Michigan, I spent endless hours mucking around in the neighborhood pond fascinated by frogs, turtles, birds and other wildlife I'd encounter. Nowadays, I do much of the same as I did as a kid: I survey and monitor for vulnerable wildlife species for public agencies around the country.

In 2009, I studied Natural Science Illustration at the University of Washington in Seattle to merge my science and art worlds into a pulsating frustrating dirty confused swirl. Intensive field work, mushroom walks and art making form an endless feedback loop that manifests itself in watercolor, ink, acrylic, silkscreen and sometimes costume. If you see a short wooly mammoth walking down your street, it may be me. Thanks for visiting!

((Update for 2022. I'm in graduate school for wildlife at University of Idaho so haven't been able to update this website much lately. Thank you for visiting! Be well.))